Who created CryptoGARD,
and what inspired the idea?

Hi, I’m Kelly Sunshawl Barrett.

I created CryptoGARD to help tax professionals prepare cryptocurrency tax returns accurately, efficiently, and without spending days, weeks, or years studying the technology. I’ve done the research for you and consolidated the information.

CryptoGARD is a product of Life with Crypto, a business focused on educating people about all aspects of cryptocurrency. Developing that business made me realize tax professionals mostly need focused, condensed, detailed tax information. So with content from my live trainings and more research, I created the CryptoGARD ebooks.

An interview with CryptoGARD founder, Kelly Sunshawl Barrett

Tell us about your tax accounting business?

My accounting practice, Sunshawl Services Inc, was founded in 2006 and is where we assist entrepreneurs with the financial side of business. I am the Trusted Advisor for many small business owners and individuals. Our services include: BOOKKEEPING, PAYROLL, CRYPTOCURRENCY CONSULTING, AND TAX PREPARATION.

Is CryptoGARD a crypto wallet? What is it?

CryptoGARD is a series of ebooks designed to assist accountants in preparing an audit ready cryptocurrency tax return. It is comprised of 5 ebooks in an easy to read magazine style PDF format.

Click here to learn more about the ebook series.

What problem does CryptoGARD solve for tax preparers?

CryptoGARD helps to protect a tax professionals valuable tax license by providing detailed, accurate, and up to date information on Cryptocurrency and Taxation.

The CryptoGARD ebook series answers many specific questions asked by tax professionals during my live trainings and consolidates the information in an easy-to-read visually accessible format that makes finding answers FAST and EFFICIENT.

During tax season, when you don’t have time to take a course and you need information at your fingertips, the table of contents in each CryptoGARD ebook series will direct you to the perfect section.

What inspired the CryptoGARD idea?

When I started learning about cryptocurrency taxation I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours reading, studying, and attending webinars trying to piece together tax law as it relates to cryptocurrency. It was an arduous task.

To share my knowledge and help educate my fellow tax professionals I started teaching 6-hour trainings on the topic. But the subject of crypto and taxes is so vast, I felt that attendees needed more support after the training. So I re-designed the crypto tax organizer and then decided to write a concise ebook to give people quick answers to the most common questions.

What year did you first experiment with Crypto? What was your experience? What was your impetus or motivation?

I first heard about Bitcoin around 2012 or maybe even 2011. I remembered hearing about it in the news and I had no idea what it was. At that time, I was doing a little trading in the stock market and I would watch CNBC regularly. That’s where I first heard about Bitcoin. I thought this Bitcoin thing was something only for smart, geeky, techy people. I really didn’t understand what it was or why I would ever care about it. However, I was very curious.

Around the Fall of 2013, I started noticing that bitcoin was running up in price. In fact, it quickly reached an all-time high of about $1,100 around December 2013. I remember because that was the first time I heard the story of the Winklevoss twins. Back then the twin’s big news was about their fight with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Anyway, they were long-time proponents of Bitcoin and that year they both became bitcoin millionaires!

I thought I had missed a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I lost interest. Then in the summer of 2015, I started thinking about Bitcoin again. I wondered what was going on with it. Had it gone away? To my surprise it still existed, and the price had dropped all the way down to $250! I got extremely curious all over again, only this time I did the research and got involved.

The rest as they say, is history (or herstory).

Free Crypto Tax Organizer

Make sure you ask your crypto clients the right questions.
This downloadable PDF makes it easy.

(a $29 value)

Free Crypto Tax Organizer

Make sure you ask your crypto clients the right questions.
This downloadable PDF makes it easy.

(a $29 value)